Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tribal prints

Yessss fianally ive found a trend worth waiting for through the harsh winter weathers.....TRIBAL...i know its quite a common S/S trend but this time designers and clothes stores have really upped the level and made the deigns even more fabulous!! I first came across this tribal trend for this season in this months edition of company <3
arent they gorgeous???
also im sorry for not posting recently ive had a crazy time with coursework and i went to an Olly Murs concert night of my life <3

anyways i havent got any tribal pieces yet but im sure to be getting some soon!!
Crafted Tribal LeggingsRiver Island Tribal Tassel Scarfive seen asos and republic sorting some awesome tribal pieces (the left ones from asos and the right one from republic) I think the scarf is great because it also seems quite practical too as the weather here is still quite chilly--i love the little tassels on the end on it!!


  1. The leggings on the last pic are just divine!


  2. ahha arent they just?? a few days after posting this i brought them!!!

  3. Love tribal! So cool! Awesome!