Sunday, 29 January 2012

Company style

So recently ive really been loving Company magazine, but when they released a new look for the magazine this month the articles that went with it were of such amazing standard!!
This bit for me me really was the icing on the top of the cake. They  are such gorgeous Spring pieces and i think they would be good to bring some colour and life to any outfit. My favorite skirt is the pink one because it looks so soft and reminds me of marshmallows which is cool cause i love marshmallows!
This is one of my skirts that is similar to the skirts in the magazine. For me fashion is about being creative and having fun and not following the trend word for word. All the pictures of the skirts in the magazine have a bit of an edge which the shoes gives them but today im going to wear my skirt, white top, pumps and a brown cardi  for the softer, gentler look

Friday, 27 January 2012


Ok so im new to this and dont really know how to write this, but i like fashion and have a bad addicted to internet shopping. Anyways hope you like my posts and their not too strange or boring :)

yea thats me and at the moment i think chinos are so cool and with a brown bomber jacket, cheeky slogan top and a chilled attitude its looks so cool!! The jacket i got from republic and it is so comfy-it is an essential in my wardrobe and it is really good to dress up and also down :)
At the moment i think peter pan collars and scallop tops look so good and when they are accessorized properly they look amazing. Scallop tops can go with a bomber jacket and black jeans to give a soft edgy which looks so good and peter pan collars can go with anything really and can really dress an outfit up :) I think someone should design a scallop top with a peter pan collar that would be so cool and i would totally buy it :) x