Friday, 27 January 2012


Ok so im new to this and dont really know how to write this, but i like fashion and have a bad addicted to internet shopping. Anyways hope you like my posts and their not too strange or boring :)

yea thats me and at the moment i think chinos are so cool and with a brown bomber jacket, cheeky slogan top and a chilled attitude its looks so cool!! The jacket i got from republic and it is so comfy-it is an essential in my wardrobe and it is really good to dress up and also down :)
At the moment i think peter pan collars and scallop tops look so good and when they are accessorized properly they look amazing. Scallop tops can go with a bomber jacket and black jeans to give a soft edgy which looks so good and peter pan collars can go with anything really and can really dress an outfit up :) I think someone should design a scallop top with a peter pan collar that would be so cool and i would totally buy it :) x


  1. I am addicted to internet shopping too! I would love to see some of your favorite sites... :) Thanks for inviting me to read your blog!

  2. some of the best sites for me are and topshop and new look and x