Sunday, 16 December 2012

Girls Aloud fashion evolution

It's been ten years since Girls Aloud  were first formed on Popstars and their style sense has changed so much. In the first few years they mainly wore jeans and vests-quite casual clothing. Now though, they look so professional and sleek and even though their outfits are still quite casual they are upkeeping with the trends. They really have grown into their own style, not just with fashion but also with their hairstyles. Here's a look at some of their most iconic and *ahem* interesting outfits.
Something kind of 2002 about Girls Aloud!
Ah, there they are! Leather swimcaps, baggy jeans and all!
Colour co-ordinated combats! AMAZING! In 2003
Pulling a Britney in 2005...
Good God what happened in 2003!?
Er, apparently purple and FRINGES were big in 2007

Something kind of 2012 about Girls Aloud!

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