Wednesday, 19 December 2012


So I was going to write this blog about how I didn't think you could dress down peplums but looking through websites such as ASOS, Republic and Topshop I was so wrong! When peplum tops first came out they were very basic and the actual peplum was quite stiff. That first impression put me off because I thought there was no way you could make a peplum top look casual. Even though I think peplum skirts and dresses are still generally quite formal whatever the style, peplum tops have really become more casual which I like. They have some nice designs.
Keepsake Forget Me Never Dress(ASOS - £52.50)  AX Paris Sweetheart Peplum Top (Republic - £10)

AX Paris Sweetheart Peplum Dress(Republic - £15) A Wear Contrast Peplum Dress (ASOS - £35)

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